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4 tips for interior design

27 Mar 2021

The interior of each house and space is special and individual, however there are basic principles whose neglect will never lead to the desired result and must be taken into account.

1. Create a complete concept

Before starting the work, you need to analyze the concept of a unified design of the space, it is very convenient to do it through a virtual collage, which will give the gamma of colors, style, shapes and texture of the future interior. The margin you do not have to cross.

2.Neutral wallpaper

When choosing decor and furniture it is important not to forget the "empty spaces", neutral colored walls emphasize the beautiful and brightly colored accessories and / or furniture and also allow the eyes to relax


People often refuse pillows and rugs in terms of practicality, thus compromising the design of the room, both in terms of zoning and coziness, in the ideal design are found carpets, pillows and curtains.

4.In the field of vision

Pictures and posters should be placed at eye level, when accessories hang below or above the required, there is a feeling of imbalance in the interior

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