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Answers to frequently asked questions

29 Mar 2020
The situation created by the proliferation of COVID-19 in Georgia has raised many new questions, and these have also been addressed to the comfort of the car. We decided to answer your most frequently asked questions in today's blog.

Do you work or not?

  According to the regulations, our branches are temporarily closed, but the couch has moved to remote work, complete furniture collection, customization and purchase of course items.

Do you have a delivery service?

 At this point the regulations have not touched the delivery service, Comfort will continue delivering the desired item throughout Georgia and will be notified if any changes are made.

When is the furniture purchased?

 Furniture is delivered and assembled every Wednesday.

To what extent are disinfection norms observed?

 All couriers adhere to strict disinfection standards - when delivered, equipped with multiple use towels, medical gloves and towels.

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